Selling on Amazon? Here’s why you should include Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) pages in your product listing!

Amazon’s EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) pages provide sellers with the ability to provide their customers with enhanced content and images to help influence their buying decisions. Previously available by invite only, Amazon has now made EBC pages avaiable to all third-party sellers. EBC pages provide sellers with the ability to showcase additional product content using one of five templates, similar to Vendor Central and Vendor Express A+ pages. With its growing availability, jumping on EBC content now before it becomes the norm (or potentially, the requirement), will give your product a competitive advantage in the Amazon marketplace.

What’s included in an EBC page:

Choosing the right template for your product will depend on how many features and applications you want to call out. Each text section is accompanied by an image, so regardless of which template you choose, your page will feature rich media content that will help customers make that purchasing decision.

What can Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content do for you?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a customer clicking “buy” on your Amazon listing. Your basic listing is crucial for helping a customer find and click on your product but once they get to your listing, what is it that convinces them to buy?

This is where Amazon EBC steps in. An Amazon EBC page provides you with that extra retail space to wow your customers and convert them into buyers. Depending on the template you choose, an Amazon EBC page can give you up to 9 additional images and 500-600 words that you can use to tell your brand story and provide customers with the information they need to purchase your product.

EBC pages can work for virtually any product category. For more technical products, a text-rich template like Template 2 or 4 is a good option in order to showcase additional product features and specs to your customer. For less technical products like health and beauty items, a visually appealing template like Template 3 could work, or you can use Template 2 or 4 to showcase applications.

The EBC templates may seem rigid, however, all of the templates are customizable with a little creativity. Here is an example of two EBC pages for two different product categories, both using Template 4:

What can Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content do for your customers?

With more options for images, you can provide customers with inspiration and ideas on how to use your product by providing lifestyle images to help them visualize the benefits of your product.
Text and image modules in the EBC templates provide a variety of ways to highlight key product features that can’t be displayed in depth in your basic listing. It also allows you to combine images with your copy so you can fully explain the feature benefits, making it easier for customers to consume important information that they need to make a purchase.

By providing more information and use-cases to your potential customers, you’re increasing your chances of converting them into buyers. With Amazon quoting an average increase of 3-10% in conversion rates for similar sellers using enhanced content with Vendor Central A+ pages, it’s a no brainer to jump on this rich media retail space.