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CLIENT: Bronson Laboratories

Product Video, Shopify Stores, Translation Services, Digital Marketing Collateral, Amazon Services


From videos to websites and more, geekspeak is helping grow Bronson brands for direct-to-consumer sales.

Building On a Legacy of Quality Supplements
Bronson has been developing high-quality supplement products for over 60 years, becoming trusted by families around the world. With so many vitamin products being sold online by other brands, it was important for Bronson to stand out with effective and engaging content. geekspeak’s partnership with Bronson continues to expand with digital eCommerce services that have boosted their presence on Amazon as well as their own brand websites.

Connecting with Amazon Shoppers Through Engaging Videos
Many shoppers on Amazon are now making purchasing decisions based on images as well as product videos. This is especially true for those who are shopping using mobile devices like phones and tablets.

geekspeak has created a variety of short product videos for Bronson supplements that have been used on Amazon listings as well as for advertising on the marketplace. Our video production services have also been used to create brand videos for Bronson websites.

Optimizing Brand Websites with Shopify
Under the Bronson umbrella is another brand of supplements called Futurebiotics. Also, manufacturers of high-quality supplements but with a different voice to the parent company, geekspeak was tasked with creating a website for Futurebiotics that helped the brand stand out on its own. The new website was built on the Shopify platform with geekspeak managing the design, development and creation of all the content. We continue to create a monthly newsletter and blog for the Futurebiotics brand to connect to and inform customers. geekspeak has also created a website for their Vital 3 product using the Shopify platform to help the company reach more customers directly.

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