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One of the biggest challenges for any online retailer is the overwhelming volume of product content. With so many vendors supplying product information, the quality and scope of that information can vary wildly, leading to an inconsistent look and feel. As a retailer, it can feel impossible to transition these extensive assets and content into consistent, quality product descriptions for your customers.

geekspeak's content services are designed to help support retailers by working with their existing processes and systems to find efficiencies and opportunities. We work to streamline your catalogue management process and to standardize your product content to ensure consistency, leading to higher sales and a better customer experience.

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Infographic illustrating how catalogue management and standardized product content lead to better customer experience and increased sales

The content creation and approval cycle for online retailers needs to be smooth. Bottlenecks in the SKU onboarding process have a direct impact on a retailer's bottom line. Our approach to developing content for the digital shelf creates a reliable, repeatable workflow in order to get your products online quickly and accurately. This helps to reduce errors and other issues that can add significant time and frustration for your team.

geekspeak can manage one piece of the puzzle, or the entire content creation process. Whether you're looking for just expert eCommerce product copy or looking for a partner to assist with everything from copywriting, translation, product photography, image processing, content upload and brand style guide creation, we can help to ensure you are eCommerce ready.


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Product Descriptions & Translation

Our team can take your vendors' product data and convert it into unique, engaging and optimized product descriptions designed to drive traffic and sales. For international markets, we also handle the translation and localization of this content.

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Imaging and Design

eCommerce images are extremely important for retailers who need to present a high-quality product catalogue online. Our team handles tabletop photography, lifestyle photography, infographics, 360-degree images, product video and other design services to help showcase your products.

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eCommerce Advertising

Drive even more traffic to your retail website and individual product listings by investing in sponsored advertising. With the help of our search engine marketing specialists, you can expect full campaign management, dynamic monitoring and optimization, and regular reporting to ensure targets are being met.

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Data Management & Onboarding

From data aggregation to standardization to enrichment and upload, our team can take on eCommerce feed management for retailers of any size. This ensures your products are onboarded in a timely and efficient manner so that you can start driving sales right away.

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Buying Guides

Written at the category level, buying guides deliver even more content to your customers and provide them with all of the important information they need in order to make a purchase. Compare products, discuss critical details and guide consumers through the purchasing journey with this engaging tool.

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