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Distributors are an integral link between manufacturers and retailers, and as such, face unique challenges when it comes to meeting the content demands of both parties. From soliciting product data specifications from manufacturers to delivering enriched product content to retailers, the amount of work can be overwhelming. That's where we come in.

geekspeak can help streamline the process of collection, creation and delivery of product content to save you and your team time. We work within your existing processes to help find efficiencies while keeping your content organized, clean, and accurate, reducing the instances of missing or contradictory information across platforms.

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Whether you're tasked with compiling product data or supplying product descriptions, our team of eCommerce experts can create content that meets the format and quality expected by your channel partners. We have experience on most major retailer and marketplace platforms and can help you understand and clarify the complex requirements for each one. We deliver quality content with quick turnaround times while focusing on delivering your brand voice and style for each and every outlet.


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Product Descriptions

We create short descriptions, long descriptions and feature/benefit bullets that are optimized for search and formatted to convert. We work with a range of platforms and formats to create the exact style and format to create product descriptions required to meet your needs.

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Photography & Image Processing

Our eCommerce photographers shoot professional, platform-driven product photography, while our designers provide professional image editing designed to help your product stand out and meet your needs.

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Product Buying Guides

Looking to provide value-add for your shoppers? We create optimized long-form product content like buying and how-to guides that drives buyers to your page, immerses customers in a category, and helps create confident buyers, all while driving conversion

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eCommerce Feed Management

Data management can be time-consuming and tedious. Our data management services help streamline your processes while increasing accuracy, including product taxonomy, product content onboarding and more.

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Translation Services

When breaking into a new market, accurately translated product copy is critical. geekspeak offers expert eCommerce translation services, including localization, designed to help you expand your reach and potential audience.

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No more juggling between manufacturer and retailer – our team will ensure your channel partners are provided with the content they need when they need it. Our eCommerce experts have the resources required to quickly compile product data, and the content creation skills to enrich that data based on defined style guide standards.

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