Our Amazon Product Photography Services include:

  • Product shots on a pure white background
  • On-model or off-model lifestyle shots
  • Infographics with text and graphic callouts
  • Skilled image editing and image retouching
  • Lighting and colour correction
  • Background removal
  • High-resolution files optimized for Amazon

Additional geekspeak Services:

Amazon Product Image Specifics

At geekspeak, we understand Amazon’s image guidelines and preferences. The product photography and digital image processing we do follows Amazon’s quality standards and ensures a level of value is presented to each and every shopper that visits your listing. From pure white backgrounds to mobile-friendly infographics, we take pride in creating great imagery that leads to Amazon product listing optimization.

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Amazon Product Photography Samples

Sell More on Amazon with Professional Product Photography by geekspeak

With skilled staging, lighting, and perfect product placement, our team of professional photographers create striking images that accurately represent your product and highlight its best features. Using digital image processing, our design team further enhances your images by including visually-appealing typography, charts, iconography and any other graphic components that help tell your product’s story. Bring your products to life for shoppers who cannot physically touch them. Help online customers understand the benefits of your product, and persuade them to make the purchase.

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