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CLIENT: Lassonde Industries Inc.

Product Descriptions, PPC Advertising, Amazon Product Listings, Amazon A+ Pages, Amazon Storefronts, Managed Services


Delivering expert eCommerce services and programs to help a North American food and beverage leader increase sales online.

Fostering an eCommerce Partnership
Lassonde is the North American leader in the development, manufacture and sale of fruit and vegetable juices and beverages. Since 2019, geekspeak Commerce has worked with Lassonde Industries Inc. to build and grow their eCommerce presence on major retail partner and marketplace websites including and Amazon. After two years of growing our relationship and providing results, Lassonde is now managed under geekspeak’s Managed Services offering, a collection of complementary eCommerce services including product data management, enrichment and data syndication, designed to support brands, retailers, distributors and resellers with their online sales.

Building the Foundation
Starting with product descriptions in 2019 and growing from there, geekspeak continues to work with Lassonde and their brands to refine their eCommerce presence while staying focused on the company’s goal of serving North American families with food and beverages that are both delicious and healthy.

We work with Lassonde’s brands like Sparkling Ice and SunRype to curate Amazon product listings, A+ content, and storefronts based on each unique brand’s identity and voice, providing them with eCommerce expertise that isn’t commonly found in-house.

Growing Brand Awareness & Sales
geekspeak’s expert SEM team has worked since 2020 to develop, manage, and grow Lassonde’s brands through PPC advertising on Amazon. Our SEM specialists work to continuously grow SunRype’s brand recognition and sales on Amazon with results well above the benchmarks within the category. The brand has seen a return on ad spend of 11:1 compared to the benchmark of 3:1, as well as an ACOS of 9% compared to the benchmark of 20-30%, and a conversion rate of 14%.

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