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CLIENT: Mark's

Product Descriptions, Translation Services


Since 2008, Mark's has trusted geekspeak Commerce to develop expertly written and translated product content tailored to their unique brand voice.

An Enduring Business Partnership
In 2008, Mark’s Work Wearhouse rebranded to Mark’s and ventured into the world of eCommerce. That’s when their partnership with geekspeak Commerce began — the right partner at the right time. geekspeak helped Mark’s to update their brand for the online marketplace and effectively merchandise their entire product catalogue. After 13 successful years, we remain a trusted partner to Mark’s in their eCommerce success.

Online Content and Style Development
From the early days of our partnership, our team worked closely with the Mark’s team to establish guidelines for their online content. The evolution has been ongoing, focused on brand voice, SEO best practices, format and French translation. We established a style guide for Mark’s which undergoes significant updates every year.

Enticing Shoppers with the Right Message
Seasonally, geekspeak’s dedicated team turns product specs into enticing copy, persuading shoppers to make positive purchase decisions. The work includes significant research before producing factual, benefit-rich copy. We discover technical facts, innovations and new style developments about clothing manufacture, footwear construction and current safety regulations.

French Translation Tailored to Mark’s Unique Style
geekspeak’s expert French team translates product content for L’É, using Mark’s unique voice localized for the Quebec market. Translations reflect characteristic modes of expression in the French language. geekspeak maintains a glossary of terms, as Mark’s products contain many technical and proprietary terms which have evolved over time.

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