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Data Management


As global eCommerce continues to grow rapidly, it is essential for your business to have an online store that features properly categorized products, accurate specifications, and enriched product data that is optimized to drive traffic and sales. Whether you're selling on your own DTC website or through a marketplace, a strategy that includes accurate, consistent and standardized product data is critical.

Our product information management specialists understand the level of data required to build out an optimized eCommerce website that drives conversion. From data aggregation (the collection of missing product attributes) to data cleansing (normalizing and standardizing product data), to product classification (the proper categorization of your products), our team is able to create an overall accurate and complete data set for your entire product catalogue.

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Having a strong data management strategy is an integral part of building out a positive customer experience and driving higher sales across your eCommerce website. By ensuring your product catalogue is properly organized, categorized and features complete and accurate product data, you're setting customers up for a more user-friendly experience and an easier path to purchase.

Accurate, complete and standardized product data also leads to better product content enrichment by providing all of the information required to craft customized and engaging product descriptions and full specification charts. Better data leads to better content, which ultimately leads to more sales and fewer returns.


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Product Taxonomy

Ensure a well-organized website with structured collection and presentation taxonomies that help a customer easily navigate throughout your eCommerce store.

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Product Classification

Improve searchability and user experience by ensuring products are accurately categorized and able to be filtered by attributes including size, colour, brand and more.

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Data Aggregation

Present all relevant features and specifications by gathering missing product attributes directly from credible sources such as the manufacturer.

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Data Cleansing

Standardize and normalize product data and remove duplication across your catalogue with data cleansing services, leading to a better customer experience.

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Product Data Migration

Efficiently move products to a new platform, marketplace or product information management system with little downtime and no impact on your sales.

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