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Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle image of kids spreading jam on their toast in a bright kitchen in the morning displayed on a large Mac monitor


Lifestyle photography is a key component of any eCommerce image gallery. Product lifestyle shots can help tell a product's story and can breathe life into your product display page with appealing visuals. Showcasing your products in use helps customers better visualize themselves with the product, leading to a higher chance of a conversion. Creative product photography can also be used in advertising campaigns, on social media, and across your eCommerce website, helping to create a consistent brand identity.

Lifestyle photography is beneficial in a range of categories and brands. From apparel to home products, to pet supplies and beyond, we have experience showcasing products in lifestyle photography to help bring your product and brand to life for shoppers. We can work with your brand to map out the best option for your product and discuss cost-saving and time-saving strategies that can help bring showcase your product without the need for an on-location lifestyle shoot.

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Whether you need a stylized flat lay or a product image with a model, our skilled eCommerce photographers can produce high-quality images of your product with an on-site lifestyle photoshoot in our product photography studio. Taking an existing product photo, our image editing specialists can also produce high-quality, natural product placement into a stock image using Photoshop. We work with your team to determine the best style, backdrop, format, and shots for your product based on our extensive lifestyle product photography experience. Whatever you require for your eCommerce store or product listing, our team can accomplish it.

grid of lifestyle images for various consumer products

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Lifestyle Photoshoot Process

From the time we receive the product to the time we send you the final images, our team takes pride in showcasing your items at their best.

  • Lifestyle image of an aviva portable power station on a tv stand


  • Lifestyle image of towels in a bathroom


  • Lifestyle image of candy in a bowl shot from overhead


  • Lifestyle image of woman using a cork roller ball for back muscles


  • Lifestyle image shot overhead of materials for planting succulents

    Qua Nevo

  • Lifestyle image of female model doing crafts at home


  • Lifestyle image of hand shucking oysters


  • Car Companion

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