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eCommerce Marketplace Services


From Amazon to eBay, Rakuten to Wayfair, eCommerce marketplaces offer a tremendous growth opportunity for sellers with their built-in search engines and existing audiences of shoppers. Marketplaces are, however, inherently competitive. In order to be successful as a marketplace seller, you must ensure your product content not only meets established standards but showcases your product in a way that will help it jump off the digital shelf. The bar is constantly being raised by sellers on these marketplaces in an attempt to stand out and push their product in front of buyers.

geekspeak works with our in-house experts to create curated, online content that helps get your products and brands in front of the right shoppers. Our teams work with your brand to create product descriptions, product photography, ad campaigns and more, all directly optimized for the marketplaces that you sell on and their shoppers.

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In order to better support vendors across multiple eCommerce marketplaces, we have created customized seller portals designed to help you quickly and efficiently order exactly the product content you require. With a team of eCommerce experts in place, aware of the ever-changing guidelines and standards of each particular marketplace, we can get you up and running whether you need a single product listing or a full suite of copy, image and design services.

We work to immerse ourselves in your brand, understanding your product and company as if we were in-house, and then using that knowledge to develop content built specifically for the marketplace you sell on, utilizing the expertise and knowledge we have about those platforms. We also offer brand style guide creation to ensure your digital marketing collateral is developed in a way that is consistent across multiple marketplaces.


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Product Listings

Optimized content for your product title, feature/benefit bullets and product description, formatted in a way that meets the specified guidelines of each individual marketplace. This includes keyword research and search engine optimization, as well as translation when required.

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Enhanced Marketing Content

Additional content that tells your brand and product story in a new way, directly on the product display page. Enhanced marketing content can be made up of brand or product videos, eCommerce images, infographics, additional text, and graphic design elements.

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Product Photography

Help your product stand out on the marketplace search results page by ensuring your product image is a professional shot taken in-studio by an eCommerce photographer. We also offer lifestyle images, infographics, product placement and more.

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Product Onboarding

Once your marketplace content is created, leave the upload up to the experts. Our team can package your product information and onboard it to each required marketplace in a timely manner so you can start selling, quickly.

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Vendor Support

Quickly take care of multiple SKUs worth of marketplace product content by ordering through any of our vendor support portals, or take advantage of our eCommerce experts by having a style guide created to ensure consistency across your entire eCommerce presence.

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