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Infographic for a grocery item outlining its ingredients displayed on a Mac monitor


In a world where consumers are always on the go, it's important to provide them with the information they need, as soon as they need it. With eCommerce infographics, you can present key information about your products right up top in the image gallery – giving shoppers insight into your product's features in a quick and visually appealing way.

Creative infographic designs allow sellers to call out key product information in a format that isn't possible in a product description, enhancing your listing so your products can stand apart from similar products and brands. Infographics help you fill out your product listing image gallery with valuable, high-quality designs that complement and support your main product images. Take your product listing to the next level with professional, creative infographics.

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An infographic is a visual marketing tool that typically includes a combination of images, text and graphics in order to briefly present the most important features or benefits of a product. With our infographics design services, our skilled graphic designers can help you tell your product story in a way that is both simple and engaging to your customer. By providing key product information in a more visual way, you can help shoppers better understand your product, leading to a more confident purchasing decision.

Grid of infographics


Product Image icon

Product Image

The best eCommerce infographics include a high-quality image of the product itself.
Copywriting icon


Text call-outs can include key features, benefits, applications, dimensions, taglines and more.
Graphics and Icons icon

Graphics & Icons

Custom icons and graphic elements make each feature pop in a more visual way.
Insets icon


Image insets can be used to focus on particular features, showcase specific uses, or provide more context.
Logos and Branding icon

Logos & Branding

Ensure a consistent brand image by including your logo, brand colours, fonts and more.

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Our Infographic Design Process

Each unique infographic design is as special as the product we're creating it for. Take a look at our design process here.

  • Sparkling ice bottle beside cocktails

    Sparkling Ice

  • Woman picking up candy out of a bowl


  • Outbound backpack lifestyle image for Canadian Tire


  • Overhead shot of soup on a table

    Too Good Botanics

  • Emergency pack lifestyle image

    First My Family

  • Close-up of someone pushing on a smart doorbell

    Home Hardware

  • Up north naturals lifestyle image

    Up North Naturals

  • Close-up of ceiling fan for Canadian Tire


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