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CLIENT: Canadian Tire

Collection Taxonomy, Presentation Taxonomy


Putting geekspeak's taxonomy expertise and experience to use for a major Canadian retail institution.

Partnering With Canadian Tire

geekspeak Commerce partnered with Canadian Tire in a two-phase approach to offer taxonomy expertise in both back-end and front-end capacities. Canadian Tire was looking to revamp an existing internal category structure as well as the customer-facing presentation taxonomy on, with the goal of better managing back-end data and providing a better front-end customer experience.

Streamlined Data Collection

In Phase 1 of our engagement, geekspeak worked to restructure and enhance existing internal category structure across three banners – Canadian Tire Corporation, Mark’s and FGL Sports. This was done using Canadian Tire’s product information management (PIM) system while working with the existing vendor data collection process to ensure clean, accurate data that would ultimately lead to a better customer experience. Our team analyzed the existing category structure, revamped the

entire taxonomy by collapsing or expanding existing nodes, and created a new tree structure. We provided a critical mapping file to allow Canadian Tire to view the old-to-new categories, and wrapped the project by developing a taxonomy governance document for future changes.

Presentation Taxonomy for Optimal Customer Experience

In Phase 2 of our work with Canadian Tire, our Product Information Management team focused on optimizing presentation taxonomy across the same Canadian Tire banners. Beginning with an audit of the existing collection, we reviewed the front-end taxonomy through the lens of a taxonomist, retailer and customer. We took those learnings to restructure the client’s site taxonomy, creating product categorization standards, attribute templates and value lists based on Canadian Tire’s product assortment. Through this process, we were able to improve search rankings and shopper experience through parametric filtering and left-hand navigations.

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