• Online Content Style Guide

    We worked closely with the Mark’s team to establish guidelines for their online content, including brand voice, SEO best practices, format and French translation. geekspeak met with the core stakeholders from Mark’s to discuss their evolving brand and mapped out a game plan to facilitate the company transition from Mark's Work Wearhouse to Mark's in their online environment. This strategy included retaining Mark's legacy customers who valued the company for its work wear, while attracting new customers to their clothing styles for everyday living. The Mark’s online style guide continues to evolve to include new product categories, technologies and changes in the online marketplace.

  • Product Descriptions

    Each season our dedicated team is responsible for taking product specifications and turning them into benefits, all while ensuring that relevant keywords are seamlessly woven into the copywriting. Mark’s online content spans a variety of categories including industrial work wear, footwear, apparel, underwear and accessories. The geekspeak team consistently formats Mark’s product descriptions with a focus on the innovative technologies that set Mark’s products apart from their competitors.

  • French Translation

    All online product content created for marks.com is translated into French and localized for the Quebec market then published on the French site L'Équipeur.com. The geekspeak team of translators ensures that the product descriptions are translated accurately and reflect the context of the content. Maintaining a glossary of terms is imperative as Mark’s products contain many technical and proprietary terms.

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