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Interactive Customer Experience

Presenting multiple views and angles makes for a richer and more visual interaction. This experience is analogous to examining the actual product at a brick-and mortar store. This interactive experience helps to empower the customer and give them a level of confidence in their potential purchase. The more information they receive before their purchase, the more they are likely to be satisfied with that product. geekspeak's 360° product views enhance online merchandising and boost conversion in the following important ways:

360o Spin Benefits

  • Increase customer's personal connection and attachment to the product
  • Increase buyer confidence by providing more detailed product information
  • Give buyers control of digital assets and ownership over the shopping experience
  • Enable more educated purchases; increase satisfaction, reduce returns and exchanges
  • Increase site "stickiness" and likelihood of conversion
  • Enable a great shopping experience that encourages repeat visits
360o Spin Imaging





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