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The Black Business Catalyst Project
Celebrating Black History Month with Real Impact

The Black Business Catalyst Project is a limited web series focusing on the eCommerce journeys of four Black-owned businesses, to be shot and aired during Black History Month 2024.

This series transcends typical business growth programs by combining hands-on support with the power of digital storytelling. As we film the journeys of each participant, their stories and progress will be streamed across various web platforms.

This not only provides valuable exposure for the businesses, but also documents their transformative journeys. By capturing their experiences, challenges and triumphs on camera, we aim to inspire and educate a wider audience about the resilience and creativity in the Black business community.

A Black woman and man looking at a tablet.
  • 5 episodes to be shot and aired throughout the month of February on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and more
  • 4 businesses selected from a pool of applicants
  • Businesses will “move in” to the geekspeak office for the month, working closely with geekspeak specialists and each other
  • Each participant will be assigned a dedicated geekspeak account manager and team to work with them on their eCommerce challenges
  • Mentors will provide guidance and inspiration to participants


As part of this transformative journey, geekspeak Commerce brings its expertise in eCommerce to support the growth and development of participating businesses. Our role is to provide strategic insights and tools, tailored to enhance the unique strengths of each business, ensuring they can maximize the benefits of this empowering initiative.


February will be a month of transformative experiences with The Black Business Catalyst Project. Participants can look forward to engaging challenges, in-depth workshops, and extensive networking opportunities. The project is designed to provide tangible skills and insights, equipping businesses for substantial growth and increased market presence.

A Black man and woman working on a laptop.

Want to Support The Black Business Catalyst Project?

We are currently seeking sponsors and mentors to support the program and its participants. Contact us today to explore this exciting opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The Black Business Catalyst Project?

This project is a month-long initiative during Black History Month 2024, focusing on accelerating the growth of Black businesses in the eCommerce space. It will include challenges, mentorship, and a chance for exposure through online streaming.

Who can participate in this project?

Any Black-owned business, preferably from the Durham Region or Greater Toronto Area (GTA), looking to expand its eCommerce presence. We encourage businesses of various sizes and industries to apply.

How will filming and streaming the project benefit my business?

Filming provides a unique opportunity to document your business journey, offering exposure on multiple web platforms. This can attract new customers, partnerships, and broader recognition in the market.

What kind of challenges will participants face?

Challenges will focus on different aspects of eCommerce, such as digital marketing, product optimization, customer engagement, and more. They are designed to enhance your business skills and online presence. Specific challenges will be based on each business's unique needs.

What support will geekspeak Commerce provide?

geekspeak will offer expert eCommerce advice, strategic insights, and mentorship throughout the project. This includes tailored guidance to address the specific needs of your business, provided by a dedicated account manager.

Is there a cost to participate?

No, there is no cost for businesses to participate in this project. It's an initiative aimed at supporting and uplifting Black businesses.

How can I apply?

Applications are now closed.

How can I stay up to date about the project?

Follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the project and participating businesses.

This initiative is not just about business growth. This is your opportunity to help celebrate and propel Black entrepreneurship forward. Join us to leverage the latest eCommerce tools and strategies for your business's growth, while gaining exposure through our streaming platforms.

We invite you to apply to The Black Business Catalyst Project and take a significant step in your business journey. Your story can inspire and lead the way for future generations.