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Looking for a Better User Experience and More Sales? Can Help Get You There

Apr 02/

Imagine this: Your customer is in the market for a new television. They check out your online electronics store to see what you’re currently offering. The website looks great at first, but there’s just one problem – the menu is a mess! The product categories are too vague for the customer to easily decide where to go, or maybe they’re incorrect all together with products like laptops under ‘Office Supplies’ and smartphones under ‘Home Entertainment.’

The shopper’s next step is to try the search function, but when they type in ‘TVs,’ they see hundreds of results – not all of which are televisions. Instead of scrolling through pages and pages of products, the customer gets frustrated and leaves to check out a different retailer’s site.

Unfortunately, this situation is more common than many brands and retailers would like to admit. Product taxonomy can be a difficult undertaking for retailers of any size, and it can be challenging to step outside of your own organization to see how shoppers are experiencing your eCommerce website.

Understanding this, we launched a data services solution that supports a range of needs including Product Taxonomy, Product Classification, Data Cleansing, Data Aggregation, and Product Data Migration. It’s called

“We launched to help retailers and brands alike narrow down the critical data services that help drive a better user experience for your shoppers,” says Isaac Wanzama, geekspeak Founder and Chief Strategist.

A better user experience can lead to higher sales when shoppers can intuitively discover and purchase products on a user-friendly website. This is the basis of product taxonomy – the organization of your merchandise into hierarchies and categories that make it easier for customers to search and browse items. This includes drop-down menus, left-hand navigation, filtering and faceted search, related products and more. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your shopper to get from home page to shopping cart.

  • Are struggling with a growing catalogue and are unsure of how to efficiently onboard and categorize an influx of new products
  • Want to migrate their products to a new website, platform, marketplace or product information management (PIM) system
  • Have seen a dip in sales after a website relaunch or redesign
  • Receive customer complaints about uncategorized, incorrectly categorized or hard-to-find products
  • Receive product data from vendors that is incorrect, incomplete or not up to defined brand standards
  • Know they require a well-developed product taxonomy but do not know where to start

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