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The BIG round-up! Site add-ons that are helping sellers build better online stores.

Mar 10/

Major DIY eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce have extensive app stores offering hundreds of add-on applications designed to help merchants build more successful online stores. From inventory and shipping management to customer service and cart abandonment, the focus of these applications is to help sellers drive sales by improving their online stores.

Although not exhaustive, here are some apps that can help an eCommerce store drive purchases and boost revenue:

Product Description Generator

A downside to operating an online store is the necessity to describe every single product in a way that is not only concise but also persuasive and unique. It’s a specific skill that not every company has the time or expertise to put together. Enter the automated product description generator.

kopigin draws from a deep database of product descriptions—written by a team of professional writers—and automatically generates content for eCommerce stores. Easily customizable and export-friendly, kopigin tailors the descriptions by attributes chosen by the user. It’s a quick and affordable way to generate hundreds of product descriptions that will help drive sales.

Live Chat Feature

In a physical store, a consumer typically has access to a salesperson to ask questions and get guidance before buying. The eCommerce equivalent is the live chat feature. Research studies suggest that consumers who take advantage of live chat are more likely to complete their online purchases.

ZopimOlark and LiveChat are just three of the many web-based apps that offer to engage your customers and drive conversion. There are apps that wait for the customer to initiate the conversation and others that offer intervention strategies when it looks like a shopping cart is about to be abandoned.

Reviews and Referrals

Studies indicate that online customer reviews have a positive effect on buying completion rates. Sharing those reviews via social media helps spread the word. Yotpo is designed to help eCommerce stores generate customer reviews and, because it’s integrated into social media, makes it easy to share those reviews on a store’s Facebook page or Twitter account. The result is more qualified traffic on the eCommerce website.

Another app, Kudobuzz, authenticates customers via a log-in from their social media account. It solicits comments after purchase to assure potential buyers that they can trust reviews on your site.

However you choose to garner reviews, customers love to know that other people are happy with their purchase.

Cart Abandonment Solutions

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of many eCommerce stores. Anywhere between 60% and 75% of shopping carts are left without a purchase. Picreel offers exit strategies that target customers about to leave the store and direct them to special deals. ShopStorm has created a number of eCommerce apps, such as Jilt and Happy Ending, to tackle the abandonment issue, increase conversion, and turn customers into fans.

New apps appear on a daily basis and many of them are geared towards the eCommerce market. Review your store with an eye to where apps might be useful to take your customer service up a notch, drive conversion, and increase revenue.

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