Our Product Video Services Include:

  • Retailer and agency coordination
  • Concept development and scripting
  • Talent casting and management
  • Pre and post production: shooting, editing, graphics, music
  • Web enablement: compression, optimization and uploading
  • Logistics: moving products to/from our studios
  • Multi-language translation

eCommerce Videos for Multiple Channels

Many channels, including online marketplaces, content syndicators and large retailers, are encouraging manufacturers to include product videos in their listings. Explainer videos, instructional videos, and product demos can help customers connect with brands and products, and increase the chance that customers will purchase products. Having videos on YouTube and social media platforms also broadens your reach and may open new markets and opportunities.

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Engage and Inform Customers with
Product Videos by geekspeak

Engaging product videos can drive online sales while reducing shopping cart abandonment, product return rates and support costs. The geekspeak video team is dedicated to helping you deliver compelling product videos that educate, engage and empower your customers to take informed action. Whether you’re a small business or a large multinational corporation, product videos by geekspeak can help you connect with your customers and sell more.

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