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POP Episode 15: eCommerce 3.0 – How Brands and Retailers are Preparing for the Metaverse with Alan and Julie Smithson

Point of Purchase (POP) is a live web series presented by geekspeak Commerce. In each episode, we’ll dive into topics surrounding the retail and eCommerce ecosystems – everything from industry news to technology, best practices, business strategies and more. We’ll tap into our own experiences as an eCommerce services provider and we’ll bring in outside experiences from other experts within the industry. Catch us live on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to join in on the conversation.

In this 15th episode of POP, host Isaac Wanzama will interview MetaVRse Co-Founders Alan Smithson and Julie Smithson. Isaac, Alan and Julie will discuss the metaverse and how this new evolution of the internet will affect all things eCommerce. Tune in to hear about advice for how companies can leverage XR, plus what some of the world’s largest brands are already doing.

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