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Amazon News: Introducing A+ for Seller Central

The line between Seller Central and Vendor Central accounts on Amazon is becoming thinner and thinner, with many of the features once exclusive to Vendors being made accessible to Sellers. The latest news in this area has to do with Enhanced Marketing Content and the distinction between Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and A+ detail pages.

Up until recently, Vendor Central users could enhance their product listings with A+ Pages, while Seller Central users had access to EBC. Both types of enhanced marketing content served the same purpose on Amazon – provide more detailed, visually-appealing information that will help customers make the decision to purchase.

Over the last year, Amazon has been making slight changes to the way Seller Central users view and edit their EBC pages – first, expanding the module offerings to include those available in A+ pages, then renaming the EBC editor to “A+ Content Manager”. Finally, the announcement was made by Amazon that they would do-away with EBC entirely, opening A+ content up to Sellers as it has been to Vendors.

What does this mean for me, as a Seller Central account holder?

Luckily, not much else has changed, other than certain improvements to the platform. According to Amazon:

  • You can preview, edit and create new A+ pages in the same area as you would have created EBC (Seller Central > Advertising > A+ Content Manager)
  • You can now publish A+ content to multiple ASINs, instead of a single SKU
    • This saves time and effort in duplicating A+ pages to child SKUs, allowing entire families to use the same A+ page with one convenient click.

  • You can easily preview your A+ page for mobile flipping between desktop and mobile views
  • You can now house and easily access language variations of your A+ content from the same A+ Content Manager page, or sort your list of A+ pages by language if needed

If you’re a Vendor Central user, you will also benefit from the improvements listed above.

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