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How to get Amazon A+ detail pages, no matter your account type!

A+ content is an enhanced product description that’s easy for potential customers to read and understand. Images, text and comparison charts can be presented in various ways to highlight your products. Research has shown that A+ product descriptions can boost sales by 3 – 10%, so getting the most out of the Amazon templates, modules and accounts is crucial.  In this post, we want to share our knowledge and expertise on Amazon’s account types and eligibility requirements.

Account Type: Amazon Seller Central

If you’re already selling products on Amazon, chances are you’re accessing the web-based interface called Seller Central. To take advantage of A+ product descriptions on Seller Central you must be invited to be part of “Amazon Exclusives,” the Amazon store that only features products not available on other ecommerce sites. Once invited, A+ content is created via a choice of templates. The templates offer a variety of options for images, text, and banners. Choose an option and Amazon will upload the content under the “Product Description” header on your Seller Central listing.

Account Type: Amazon Vendor Express


Using a module-based approach, the Vendor Central Express interface offers a choice of 3 – 4 modules featuring images and text. Both the modules and the order of appearance are mandated and unalterable. Download the template, choose the images and content, and send to Amazon support for uploading. The end product appears under the header of “From the Manufacturer” on your Amazon account.

If you have a Vendor Express account, you can access the template here: A+ EMC Template for Vendor Express

Account Type: Amazon Vendor Central


Amazon Vendor Central is the web interface typically used by manufacturers and distributors. If you sell via Amazon Vendor Central you’re considered a supplier, or first-party seller, selling in bulk to Amazon. Registration is by invitation only. A request for an invite is possible, but there are no guarantees of acceptance.

Vendor Central provides the most creative freedom. A maximum of 5 modules can be chosen from an array of 12 and displayed in any order you choose. In Vendor Central, the end product also appears under the header of “From the Manufacturer.”

geekspeak Commerce understands Amazon

Creating a professional listing that represents your business and product on Amazon is absolutely crucial. The choices and requirements can be overwhelming. Guidelines dictate copy length, number and type of bullets, and quality of images. Certain symbols are not accepted and there are specific requirements as what may or may not be included in any particular A+ description. At geekspeak Commerce we specialize in A+ product descriptions. We know the rules and how to use them to maximize your exposure and boost your sales.

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