Our Website Taxonomy Services Include:

  • Taxonomy audit
  • Taxonomy customization and development
  • Product category creation and mapping
  • Product data normalization
  • Product attribute template development
  • Product attribute value aggregation
  • Collection template design and development
  • Taxonomy governance and policy rules for vendors
  • Ongoing taxonomy support

How we Improve Your eCommerce Architecture

geekspeak works with your team from initial discovery to implementation. If applicable, we start with an audit of your existing web and collection taxonomies, through a taxonomist, retailer and customer lens. This can include an analysis of your product catalogue to provide recommendations on how to define your category structure and classify products accordingly.

Full Taxonomy Development

From there, we re-structure your taxonomy or build one from the ground up, creating product categorization standards, attribute templates and value lists based on your product assortment. When possible, we leverage existing category taxonomy libraries to expedite the overall project. The goal is to standardize attribute collection from vendors, improve search ranking, improve the shopper’s experience and increase sales.

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Why Trust geekspeak With Your Taxonomy
and Product Classification?

With nearly 20 years of experience in the eCommerce industry including content management and product information management system expertise, geekspeak can design an effective retail taxonomy for your website that helps to increase performance and sales. Leveraging attribute templates, classification of products and real customer data, we develop taxonomies that are logical and facilitate effective search. If required, our services can extend beyond initial taxonomy development, leading to ongoing support as new products and categories are added to your catalogue.

Product Taxonomy Template for Taxonomy Audit including attribute values and parameters