Our Product Information Management
(PIM) Services Include:

  • Product Data Audit
  • Product Data Cleansing
    (Normalization and Standardization)
  • Product Data Matching and De-Duplication
  • Product Data Enrichment

Managing eCommerce Data for Multiple Channels

Your online catalogue of products can extend beyond your company website and include content syndicaters, marketplaces and retailers. You’ll want to ensure that whatever channel your items appear in that the product descriptions and images are consistent, high quality, and represent your brand well. geekspeak can do a full multi-channel audit of product data and make the necessary revisions to ensure that your products are best represented with accuracy to engage and convert shoppers.

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Optimize your Product Data Content with geekspeak

For a better and more consistent shopping experience, it’s essential that product data is optimized to ensure that it’s accurate, full of rich content, and has compelling images across all platforms. Not only will you be able to increase sales but you’ll also be able to reduce returns due to inaccurate product information. geekspeak has the skills to thoroughly evaluate your online catalogues and complete product data cleansing and updates to drive more sales. Your online catalogues will be leaner, more efficient and provide greater value to customers.

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