Our DTC Channel Support Includes:

  • DTC marketing strategy and implementation
  • DTC website design and development
  • Product display page and product description optimization
  • Product photography and video
  • Image processing and infographic creation
  • Translation services
  • Product onboarding and data services
  • Direct-to-consumer advertising and campaign management

Why Launch a Direct Sale Model?

Selling direct-to-customer, without going through a retailer, is a strategy that offers lasting growth for brands and manufacturers who want more control over their online sales. By selling through a DTC channel, you take ownership over your product content, brand messaging, customer experience, pricing and promotions, and quality and quantity of products offered. The chance to build lasting customer relationships and to develop brand trust is stronger, and the ability to collect and learn from customer data is greater. This all starts with a DTC eCommerce website that is optimized for a positive end-to-end customer experience.

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Optimizing Your Direct-to-Consumer Website

In order to take advantage of the benefits associated with selling DTC, it is important to ensure your eCommerce website is designed to provide an excellent customer experience. With expertise in eCommerce services including content creation, translation, data services, pay-per-click advertising and more, geekspeak will work closely with your team to support your direct retail goals by delivering strategy, crafting engaging and optimized product/brand content, managing pay-per-click advertising, and more – all services designed to drive a positive user experience and higher sales.

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