• Business Stories

    For the business stories project, geekspeak assisted YP by profiling various businesses in five major Canadian cities. At the peak of the project the geekspeak team consisted of 40+ project coordinators, writers, editors, French translators and photographers. Our location-based writers and photographers interviewed local business owners and produced authentic stories and images designed to provide the public with an enticing overview of restaurants and small businesses found in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton. To help get the program off the ground, geekspeak completed more that 4,000 business stories across Canada and continues to support the YP content team as needed.

  • Smart Tips

    YP launched a user-centric content marketing initiative to engage audiences and increase the amount of time spent on YP.ca. The content was intended to provide site visitors with useful information that could help them in their everyday lives. Smart Tip topics were wide-ranging and included titles like “10 Tips for a Festive and Frugal Holiday Party”, “5 Essential Kayaking Safety Tips”, “5 Ways to Help Avoid Procrastination at Work” and so many others. Not only was YP able to provide meaningful content to its visitors but Smart Tips content was optimized with valuable keywords that drove traffic to YP.ca.

  • YP Next Home – Neighbourhood Profiles

    YP’s intent was to offer useful online neighbourhood profiles to prospective home buyers in Canadian towns and cities. geekspeak’s team of writers and photographers produced neighbourhood profiles for 12 Canadian cities. The style was "friendly blogger meets inquiring journalist", providing well-researched news content about real estate trends and developments from a local resident’s perspective. The profiles were intended to give home buyers or renters a starting point when researching prospective communities to live in.

geekspeak has become a regular publisher for our new, re-branded website. On their very first project they profiled thousands of small businesses across Canada. geekspeak actually delivered above and beyond what we expected, continually surpassing our weekly deadlines and taking stunning photos of each city's hidden gems. But what was most impressive is geekspeak's ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and apply their can-do attitude to anything that’s thrown their way.

Director of Content, Yellow Pages Group

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