• Sales Resource Centre

    With a large sales team scattered across the US, Swan Hose needed a solution that would allow sales reps to get access to detailed product information quickly and easily. geekspeak built a custom online resource centre that allowed Swan Hose to upload product content organized by brand and category. Sales reps could then look up product information when visiting clients in-store or print product sell sheets to leave behind as reference material. By providing an online resource centre, Swan was able to ensure that their sales team had easy access to the most complete and accurate product information. In addition, geekspeak was able to reduce the cost of printing sell sheets by allowing sales rep to print on demand.

  • Swan.com

    As with other manufacturers, Swan made the move to sell direct to consumer selling on its own eCommerce site built on the Volusion platform. geekspeak created keyword optimized content
    for the four brands Swan, Element, Scotts, and Miracle-Gro, highlighting their features and benefits. Each brand has its own unique identity and voice so care was taken in establishing each one while ensuring uniformity in the merchandising on Swan.com.

  • Amazon Content

    geekspeak created unique content for the four brands - Swan, Element, Scotts, and Miracle-Gro with a focus on driving organic traffic to the product listings. Extensive keyword research was performed using Amazon specific tools to determine the most relevant and important keywords to be used in the backend and front end of each product listing. To drive conversion, Swan also invested in the creation of A+ pages. geekspeak focused on showcasing the brand, product features, benefits and cross-selling within the brands.

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