• Product Descriptions

    As a big box home improvement retailer, Rona offers products in a wide variety of categories including major appliances, hardware, plumbing parts, furniture and so much more. Often, product information available from manufacturers is limited and hard to find. To write effective product descriptions that are optimized for organic search, the geekspeak team researches brands, categories and products to pull together product specifications. All product descriptions are written to conform to the Rona style guide with a focus on product features and benefits.

  • French Translation

    With Rona's origins in Quebec, ensuring that product information is localized for the French-Canadian market is essential. Accurate and contextual translations are very important when selling in the Quebec market as French is the primary language. geekspeak maintains a team of senior translators to process content for Rona to ensure consistency and accuracy.

  • Attribution

    In addition to writing and translating product descriptions for Rona.ca, the geekspeak team is tasked with completing attribute tables to fill the product specifications section of each product listing. Entering accurate information is imperative to ensure customer satisfaction while minimizing returns.

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