• Amazon A+ Pages

    geekspeak’s team of copywriters create compelling and informative content for Amazon A+ pages for Flir and Extech products. The highly technical nature of the products requires that writers and designers immerse themselves in the product category to generate compelling content. Each A+ page provides feature and benefit information in paragraph and bullet form with special features called out in greater detail. Images provided by the manufacturers are used to engage readers with important information and product applications. Comparison charts enable shoppers to compare similar Flir or Extech products to ensure they choose the tool that’s best for them.

  • Product Photography

    When there aren’t enough images of products to showcase all of the features, the companies send the items for photography by our professional photographer at the geekspeak office. High resolution photos show the products at a variety of angles to demonstrate the features and benefits. Our team also takes care of image processing and editing of the images for use in A+ pages to engage and convert Amazon shoppers.

At Flir we have a wide range of products that help our customers in their everyday lives at home or at work. Our products are used in a variety of industries and can be fairly technical in nature – we’ve been impressed with geekspeak’s ability to understand and translate our product information into clear and useful product features and benefits for our Amazon audience. geekspeak has consistently delivered professional copywriting, design and layout for our A+ pages that work for Flir and our customers

Worldwide Internet Business Manager,

 FLIR Systems, Inc.

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