• Product Attribution

    As a category leader Best Buy prides itself in presenting accurate and complete product information. Quality product information answers questions shoppers may have thereby minimizing returns. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t always provide all of the information required for a product listing so this task falls onto resellers. geekspeak conducts extensive research to aggregate all available product attributes for Best Buy across its many categories.

  • In-Depth Buying Guides

    To support Best Buy’s enhanced customer service initiative, geekspeak wrote a series of in-depth product category buying guides for Future Shop websites. The SEO-enhanced, online buying guides described product features, benefits and pros & cons to provide consumers with valuable information to make informed, well-researched buying decisions.

  • Informative Brand Comparison

    geekspeak also provided a series of in-depth brand comparison charts of the latest technology in electronic devices, gaming consoles, smartphones, operating systems and brands. The comparisons focused on descriptive, informative content. The mandate was to make purchasing decisions easier by demystifying technical information and helping consumers to understand terminology, features and benefits across similar products.

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