• Walmart is one of the largest employers in the world and has almost 11,000 stores in 27 countries. In North America, the name Walmart is synonymous with great value at lower prices and is well known for its slogan: Save Money. Live Better.

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  • Honeywell International is a U.S. based multinational company employing 130,000 workers in 70 countries around the globe. An industry leader in a wide variety of commercial and consumer products, Honeywell foregrounds innovative technologies that are designed to make the world safer, more productive, and more sustainable.

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  • Mark's stands out in Canada's crowded apparel market for its commitment to comfort, quality, and style. The Mark's reputation as an innovative retailer resonates with their customers and has helped Mark's grow from a single store in 1977 to 385 plus stores across the country.

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  • Based in Quebec, Canada with more than 500 stores and over 28,000 employees, RONA Inc. ranks among the largest retailers and distributors of hardware, building materials and home renovation products in Canada. RONA focuses on providing quality customer experiences to meet the needs of professional contractors and home renovators alike.

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  • Founded in Denmark in 1925, the prestigious electronics brand Bang & Olufsen is renowned for its iconic design style and commitment to audio-visual excellence. Over the years, Bang & Olufsen has created a world-class range of televisions, music systems and high-performance loudspeakers that draw on their innovative technologies while appealing to consumers' emotional and tactile sensibilities.

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  • Best Buy Canada Ltd. provides consumers with the latest in electronics, software, personal computers, and entertainment & lifestyle products. A wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co. Inc., Best Buy Canada Ltd. has successfully grown to the point of acquiring the Canadian electronics chain Future Shop in 2001, ultimately converting Future Shop stores over to the Best Buy Brand in 2015.

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  • BOSS Audio Systems is a North American consumer electronics company that manufactures an assortment of audio-video products for use in vehicles on land and water. Offering a mix of receivers, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and video players for automobiles, boats, ATVs and motorcycles, BOSS products are directed at young consumers looking for more than the standard music options for their vehicles.

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  • Once known only for their printed business directories in cities all over Canada, Yellow Pages has rebranded itself as YP, adding a host of web properties to its product offerings to small businesses. geekspeak worked with YP by creating online content for a variety of projects geared at driving traffic and engagement on their branded sites.

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  • Committed to quality, performance and innovation, SWAN produces more garden hoses than any other manufacturer in the world. The company's four hose brands (Waterworks®, Element®, Scotts® and Miracle-Gro®) are well-known and trusted by customers of major retailers throughout North America.

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  • Flir Systems and Extech Instruments (owned by Flir) design, develop and manufacture innovative test and measurement tools. These devices are used to prevent, identify and troubleshoot problems that impact energy efficiency, public safety and well-being, and environmental conditions. Users include professionals, tradespeople and DIYers.

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  • AND1 is a basketball apparel and footwear company that first became known for the trash-talking slogans on their t-shirts. They now offer a complete line of on and off-court apparel and footwear for men, women, and kids still rooted in basketball and streetball culture.

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  • When you think of books, and by extension book stores in Canada you immediately think of Indigo. With hundreds of locations across the country, Indigo provides an oasis for book lovers of all ages, in an environment that encourages visitors to spend time browsing its well-organized shelves and beautifully merchandised displays.

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