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Need a little help to fuel your growth? Fund your digital marketing and customer acquisition efforts with Clearbanc and optimize your conversion rates with geekspeak - it's a perfect match.


  • Clearbanc, an eCommerce specialized investment firm built by founders for founders, is dedicated to the mission of providing growth capital for online-enabled businesses, using actual data instead of a personal credit score. They believe that selling equity to buy Facebook and Google ads is a bad deal for startups. That's why they've built an alternative for fast-growing businesses who generate revenue from their marketing spend.

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  • geekspeak creates compelling content and campaigns that help drive sales for online retailers. Funding secured through Clearbanc helps you increase your ad spend, ROI and ability to optimize your campaigns with geekspeak.


This funding is for you if:

  • You're a growing company looking for alternative funding
  • You're making at least $10k in revenue per month
  • Over 40% of your transactions occur online



  • 1. Apply Today

    Provide your basic company information and link to marketing and revenue data.

    2. Accept an Offer

    Receive multiple offers from Clearbanc and choose the one that's right for you.

    3. Start Growing!

    Receive your funds within 24-48 hours and put them toward scaling your ad campaigns.

  • Clearbanc uses a predictive algorithm that scans your revenue and performance data to present you with viable funding offers.
    This funding is not considered a loan. It is capital provided on an interest-free Clearbanc Marketing Card that is paid back with a flat fee (6%-12.5%) as your company grows. There is no repayment date, and you’ll always know what you owe.

    Have any questions? Check out:
    Clearbanc’s FAQs.

geekspeak helps you grow your online business.
Clearbanc gives you the capital to make it happen.