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Point of Purchase: Canadian Commerce Episode 1 – Unpacking the Data on Online Grocery Sales in Canada

Point of Purchase (POP) is a live web series presented by geekspeak Commerce. In each episode, we dive into topics surrounding the retail and eCommerce ecosystems – everything from industry news to technology, best practices, business strategies and more. We tap into our own experiences as an eCommerce services provider and we bring in outside experiences from other experts within the industry.

Canadian Commerce is a sub-series of Point of Purchase, presented in partnership with BrandSpark International. In our special Canadian Commerce episodes of POP, we’ll deliver Canada-specific consumer and retail insights leveraging data from the 2023 BrandSpark Ecommerce Shopper Study, the most recent edition of the annual study established in 2016.

Content will explore Canadian perspectives and specific online shopping occasions at Canadian retailers within grocery, durable goods (incl. sporting, outdoor, office equipment, and housewares), clothing, and CPG (incl. personal care, beauty, health & wellness, pet care, and home care).

In this episode, geekspeak’s Tricia Williams and BrandSpark’s Phil Scrutton will dive deep into grocery-specific insights. Watch the full episode below.

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