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Periscope for eCommerce
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Thinking of Periscope for your eCommerce strategy? Here are some great ideas.

E-retailers already knew about the importance of social media to their ecommerce marketing efforts, but when Twitter combined forces with the Periscope app, a whole new world of possibilities opened up for customer connectivity and brand awareness.

Early adopters of the livestreaming video app – think of it as YouTube without the hassle of uploading and with the convenience of a readymade Twitter audience – include such notables as beverage companies Red Bull and Mountain Dew, music streaming giant, Spotify, and major fashion line, DKNY.

What’s all the fuss about? Check out these reasons for including Periscope in your marketing arsenal.

Product Demos & How-to Tutorials

Consumers, too busy to digest the myriad of instructions that come with the average product, turn to YouTube to watch video demos showing everything from constructing to using to returning an item. Periscope offers a low cost alternative to professionally-sourced videos. Take your camera and record a how-to episode of an expert assembling furniture or operating a food processor.

Answer Customer FAQs

Take the most frequently asked question about your product and interview an employee or customer yourself. Create an instant connection with your customer who wants to ask the same question.

Create Transparency

CEO periscopePick up your smartphone and livestream a video of the CEO marching around the factory floor showcasing production methods. Or let the camera roll on a marketing meeting. Either way, you’re enhancing customer connectivity, developing brand loyalty, and creating a social media following, all in one simple action.

Invite Product Feedback

You already run focus groups and customer feedback sessions. Now you can livestream them for the purposes of education and closing the feedback loop. By using a livestreaming video format that the customer can save to a mobile device, you’re initiating a discussion and creating customer interest at the same time.

Generate Live Event Excitement

Perscope live event

Do you have a live event happening? A big release or a major announcement to make? Don’t just rely on a boring press release. Words only tell half the story. Take it one step further with Periscope and easily make livestreaming content to inform, entertain, and generate interest.

Get Onboard Early

Don’t wait until your competitors are Periscope experts. Take a risk and jump in now. Sure, there may be bumps along the way, but firms like Red Bull and Spotify wouldn’t have invested time and money in a Periscope strategy without cause.

Periscope is a revolution not to be missed.


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