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Site Taxonomy & Categorization

Product taxonomy is the process of organizing products on your website into meaningful hierarchies and categories to help customers easily find products they’re looking for. A well-designed taxonomy keeps your customer's needs front and centre, taking into account how they typically search or browse for products.

To help you develop a sound site taxonomy that drives online sales, our team takes an in-depth look at your existing site structure. This may result in a recommendation to modify your current system or to create a new one from the ground up. The simplicity or complexity of your product selection will help determine the best choice. A key first step involves understanding how shoppers currently search for products on your site. Next, we design a taxonomy that aligns with that analysis. The right execution will bring your shoppers to the right product quickly and in as few steps as possible.

Our Taxonomy Services:

geekspeak can improve your ecommerce structure by updating your current site taxonomy or constructing a new one. When possible, we will leverage our existing taxonomy library to expedite the project. To achieve this, we’ll work with your team to create product category standards and templates that will improve the user experience. geekspeak can review your category structure on a periodic basis, ensuring your attribute and category information always reflects your latest product offerings.

"Everything But The House (EBTH) isn't your typical online auction site. We offer a full service to help people who are looking to sell a collection of items due to downsizing, remodeling, relocation, or managing a family member's estate. Our full service model – photography, cataloging, payment and delivery – makes the process easy and seamless for sellers. Buyers, on the other hand, will find a diverse selection of items from estates around the country, from one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and artwork to furniture and everyday household items – you name it, we've sold it! While our business is unique our need for category organization is similar to other e-commerce platforms, so it was important for us to improve our collection taxonomy and be able to extract meaningful information at the category level."

- Chief Technology Officer, Everything But The House

Our Services
  • Taxonomy audit of current site or ground-up construction
  • Taxonomy customization and development
  • Product categorization and mapping
  • Product data normalization
  • Attribute and value generation
  • Collection template design and development
  • Taxonomy governance and policy rules for vendors
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Presentation Taxonomy – Product Hierarchy

It's important to understand how your customers shop for products in order effectively meet their navigation habits. Presentation taxonomy accounts for the structure of information on your website. It involves placing product data in an intuitive, drill-down direction through various categories and filters so customers can easily locate the exact product they're looking for. Factors to consider when building effective presentation taxonomy for your e-commerce site include:

  • What is the main classification for your products, and how many categories, sub-categories and levels are appropriate for your product catalogue?
  • What are the important keywords and synonyms? Do they appear in URLs for SEO?
  • What product groupings and arrangements does the user look for and expect?
  • Should a product category appear in multiple places on the site?
  • Are product attributes standardized across the site?

Collection Taxonomy – Data Templates

Collection taxonomy is the process of defining the category and attribute data structure for your product catalogue. This makes it easier to collect the correct data from your vendor partners and creates a consistent online product catalogue. Our Collection Taxonomy Process includes the following components:

Collection taxonomy creation – Develop a multi-level category tree to identify and define standard sets of attributes on each product.

Collection taxonomy template design – Develop a tree category structure, create product data input templates and map products to the collection tree.

Style guides – Create universal product content style guide and category/sub-category level style guides to govern product content creation.

Working with geekspeak

We will work with your team to create a standardized product categorization that will improve shopper experience on your site. We can extend and provide these services on an ongoing basis, ensuring your attribute and category information reflects your changing inventory. geekspeak can support your e-commerce team whether you need a review/analysis of your current site taxonomy or a partner to assist in its ground-up construction. When possible, we will leverage our existing taxonomy library to expedite the project.