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Product Data Management

Good product data management is key to ensuring updated, accurate and informative product data for a better customer shopping experience. Our Data management services involve analyzing and removing duplicate, incomplete and incorrect product data from your online catalogue. As part of the process, our team creates rules and parameters to cleanse, standardize and enrich product data leading to better filtering and searching, improved user satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

Our Data Services

We can support your e-commerce team beginning with a thorough data audit. Additional services can be extended on an ongoing basis, ensuring overall product data quality.

"Everything But The House (EBTH) isn't your typical online auction site. We offer a full service to help people who are looking to sell a collection of items due to downsizing, remodeling, relocation, or managing a family member's estate. Our full service model – photography, cataloging, payment and delivery – makes the process easy and seamless for sellers. Buyers, on the other hand, will find a diverse selection of items from estates around the country, from one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and artwork to furniture and everyday household items – you name it, we've sold it! While our business is unique our need for category organization is similar to other e-commerce platforms, so it was important for us to improve our collection taxonomy and be able to extract meaningful information at the category level."

- Chief Technology Officer, Everything But The House

Our Data Services
  • Product data audits
  • Product data cleansing (normalization/standardization)
  • Product data matching and de-duplication
  • Product data enrichment
  • Ongoing product data review & management
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Data Normalization & Standardization

Data normalization and data cleansing is designed to find and eliminate errors, inconsistencies and redundancies in your e-commerce product data and replace them with 100% accurate data.

To create long-term standardization and maintain clean, consistent data, rules and parameters are set for various product data components and fields, including: product descriptions, titles, specifications, features, benefits and more. We will:

  • Standardize units of weights and measure
  • Standardize spelling and abbreviations
  • Remove typos/spelling errors
  • Correct errors in product descriptions and product data
  • Normalize category attribute values, e.g. red is always described as red, not cherry or rose.

Data Matching & De-duplication

As your e-commerce site grows, the amount of product data increases and the chance of duplication and redundancy increases. Data matching and de-duplication eliminates duplicated content to build a leaner, more efficient database.

Data matching utilizes data mapping to identify duplicate product data on your website. Once data mapping is complete, de-duplication begins. This process uses validation rules to merge all similar content and purge duplicate and obsolete data from your site.

Data Enrichment

Once errors and duplications are removed and standards in place, data enrichment can occur. Data enrichment improves the quality and richness of data so your customer gets accurate, complete and consistent information. Product attributes, product descriptions, title tags, Meta descriptions and images can all be enriched. We will:

  • Source/add product data from supplier and manufacturer's catalogues and websites
  • Make product titles and Meta tags keyword rich for SEO
  • Verify and validate product data
  • Enhance product images

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