Interactive Product Tours

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Our interactive product tours are designed to present a large amount of product data in a clean, well-organized fashion. They promote intuitive way finding based on the individual user's needs and interests. Product tours can also take the form of fully immersive narrative virtual tours or explorative infographics.

Product tour features can include some or all of the following:


Hotspots combine the visual and the description of a particular product feature. Roll over a feature of interest to trigger a popup of its relevant functions and benefits. It's a seamless, user-friendly experience that far exceeds the traditional stand-alone copy / image delivery.


Designed to work in concert with hotspots, the zoom option magnifies the entire product image within a frame. The user can then manipulate the image to view features of interest in greater detail.

Full Screen

Hotspots and zoom serve to draw the user in and engage with your product. Once their interest is truly piqued, they can easily switch to a full screen display. This option offers a true, big-window showcase for your products.

Interactive Product Tours Samples


Assists with transporting the car seat in and out of the vehicle


Offers shade and protection from the sun

Energy-Absorbing Foam

Offers added protection in the event of an accident

Head rest

Often filled with EPS foam or special plastic, similar to that used in bicycle helmets and protective gear

Chest Clip

Helps secure harness shoulder straps in place over the chest at armpit level

Five Point Harness

Secures the child at the shoulders, hips, and between the legs


Allows the seat to be attached and detached without having to uninstall the system

Adjustment lever

Adjusts handle for proper positioning in car or when used as a carrier