SEO & Metadata

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The content of your ecommerce site is what search engines value most while crawling and indexing for keywords.

It can directly influence how well your site ranks on specific keywords. Search engine optimization must continually be refined to comply with new search engine algorithms and to avoid down-ranking penalties. Our in-depth understanding of how to effectively drive traffic to ecommerce sites keeps those sites optimized for effective local and global searches. Adherence to SEO best practices ensure consistently good rankings, and our smart content strategies ensure keyword-rich client sites are recognized for being unique and authoritative. geekspeak also combines front end SEO with back end metadata to ensure your site and product listings achieve the highest possible ranking in organic searches.

SEO Services include:

  • Site Architecture Analysis
  • Product Content Optimization
  • Keyword/Phrase Selection
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Metadata Management
  • Product Page Titling