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Great Product Descriptions Help You Sell.

Product descriptions aren't just intended to describe a product; they're also meant to sell the product. geekspeak creates customized product descriptions with a focus on your driving online sales. We write product descriptions that speak directly to your target customer by highlighting features and benefits that they'll find relevant and useful.

How we do it.

Our goal is to optimize your ecommerce product descriptions for organic search and to retain the attention of both the casual browser and your loyal customers.

geekspeak takes your raw product data and customizes the content to directly speak to your ideal buyer profile. We apply any style-guide standards that your company may have to ensure to brand consistency. geekspeak employs strict quality control measures to ensure the delivery of accurate and persuasive descriptions that help reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales.

Our Product Content Services Include:

  • Long and Short Descriptions: We design short and long descriptions to highlight your product's most appealing features and give the customer the right details to make a buying decision. Both long and short descriptions contain strategically placed SEO-friendly keywords to draw organic s earch traffic.
  • Product Feature bullets: Well-written bullets are easy to view, easy to comprehend and aid the customer in their search for that perfect product. We design feature bullets to inform, convince, and aid the sales process. Every bullet has the conversion goal in mind.
  • Product Specifications: Accurate specifications speak to the unique attributes associated with a product. geekspeak can help gather and normalize specifications for your catalogue.
  • Update Existing Content: No need to throw out your previous hard work. geekspeak can take your existing product copy and repurpose it. Our team will enhance, standardize, and make it more SEO attractive. We can ensure that existing and new product content is consistent in style and appearance.

What our clients are saying " geekspeak exceeded our expectations with their ability to digest and understand our products and our online retail channels. We sell through many different online retailers, but they all have different formats for displaying content. geekspeak quickly created a standardized style guide for all of our brands. Then their content team created a master list of product descriptions that could be tailored to meet the varying requirements of all ecommerce websites and retailers. geekspeak really surpassed our expectations, and the savings in terms of time, costs and resources was substantial. "
Senior Vice President, Li & Fung

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