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Companies like Amazon, Newegg, Wayfair, and eBay are having huge success with the Marketplace or "endless aisle" business model. They display, market and sell items to customers that are not warehoused or kept in-store. The sale is made possible through direct integration with the inventory of retailers, manufacturers and distributors like you. Marketplace benefits can be great, but to realize them you must ensure your product content is properly standardized to meet their formats.

Marketplace Model

The entire Marketplace runs on one stable and robust software infrastructure, enabling all sellers to distribute their products under the umbrella of one website. Transactions are processed by the Marketplace and delivery is done by the vendor, a practice known as "drop shipping". The Marketplace takes a commission on items the vendors sell.

Beat Your Competitors

The overwhelming majority of third party Marketplace vendors are retailers, manufacturers and distributors. More and more companies are including Marketplaces in their overall marketing strategy, not just because of the inherent benefits, but because their competitors are already there.

geekspeak Content Conversion

Your product content is well-suited to your existing ecommerce site, but it needs to fit the format of your target Marketplaces. geekspeak has experience working with large Marketplaces like Amazon. This includes creating search engine optimized long and short product descriptions, product guides, product photography, 360 spin imaging and product video. We also stay abreast of the ever-changing Marketplace formats as this channel continues to grow.