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As the integral link between manufacturer and retailer, the distributor must meet the content demands of both parties. You must solicit product information from manufacturers, and provide product information to retailers. The amount of content can be overwhelming, and the quantity and quality of image formats, copy styles, product attributes and specifications are almost limitless. Transitioning it all to a uniform presentation would require an entire in-house department.

Multi-Category Experience

geekspeak offers a full set of custom content services from which to choose. We also guarantee fast turnaround times and cost-effective pricing. Our content creation team includes category experts in your industry who are adept at refining raw product information into product descriptions that sell. Our studio ensures that all of your product content and images are of the highest quality.

Catalogue Management Simplified

Our content services make your catalogue management process much easier. Instead of dealing with thousands of content obligations between retailers and manufacturers, geekspeak becomes your sole point of contact.