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Sell more with enriched Amazon A+ Plus Pages

Successfully selling on, eBay or similar marketplaces entails providing your prospective customers with engaging and meaningful product information. Great images, comparison charts and lifestyle shots are all enhancements that make A+ detail pages so effective in driving marketplace sales.

If you are invited to create an Amazon Premium A+ content, geekspeak will be the right place to start off your project.

geekspeak A+ Page Expertise

geekspeak creates compelling keyword-rich content pages, for product listing pages on and other platforms. We provide richer product descriptions, along with images and detailed specifications, helping your shoppers to see and get a feel for your product before they buy it. This wealth of information about the product clearly demonstrates its value, leading to increased buyer confidence.

A+ Content Services Include:

  • A+ Plus Detail Page Layout
  • A+ Plus Content Writing
  • High Resolution Images & Photography
  • Optimized Product Descriptions (SEO)
  • Metadata and Keyword Selection
  • Vendor Central detail pages & content uploading

A+ Plus content is a long-form product page format that is easy for customers to read and understand. With much more information than a standard listing, an A+ Plus detail page helps your customers ensure that your product is right for them. It helps your customers buy. It helps you sell. Companies like Crayola, Samsung, Sony and even eBay are adopting the Amazon A+ product listing standard for their listing pages.

What our clients are saying " The work you did for us on helped us grow the business almost 30% last year. "
Vice President of Product Development and Business Strategy, Swan Products

A+ Content Samples

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Flir E8 Infrared Camera


Bang & Olufsen Play A1


Honeywell - Oliver Boots


BOSS Sound System


Frego Storage Container


SHARKK Bluetooth


totes Umbrella


Why Amazon A+ Plus Pages?

Enhanced product pages not only help your product stand out from your competitors', but can also boost online sales (up to 10% more source: A well-written and presented A+ plus page will give your customers the information they need to make an informed buying decision:

  • Extended, and more detailed product descriptions
  • Multiple images and lifestyle shots within product descriptions
  • Comparison charts, tables, etc.
  • Simplified layout for quick content review
  • Highlighted product use and benefits
  • Supports product page conversion