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Amazon currently accounts for 1 in 3 online shopping transactions in North America. As a channel, it offers a fantastic opportunity to grow sales for your brand. Amazon carries over 12 million products at a time, so getting visibility for your brand can be a challenge. Amazon Paid Ads, are a great way to get your products noticed. We can help. geekspeak can work with you to design, implement and monitor product campaigns on Amazon.

Amazon offers pay per click (PPC) ads for both Vendors and Sellers. If you are a third party seller on Amazon, you will have access to Amazon Product Ads through Seller Central Advertising. For vendors, Amazon offers Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) to launch ads.

Amazon Advertising Services Include:

Advertising through Amazon gives you the unique opportunity to highlight your products to 144 million customers. Amazon PPC Ads are a great way to kick start product sales and increase your brand awareness.


Audience Insight Report


Page Performance Report


Headline Search Ad


Sponsored Product Ad


Our Services:

Campaign Audits

If you have existing campaigns on Amazon, we can audit them for you. We will collaborate with you to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance. We will analyze campaign performance based on established KPIs and modify the campaigns as required.

Campaign Design

Before campaign launch we do extensive market research to select the products to be advertised. We estimate keyword search volume levels and create a list of competing products. Based on our findings, we recommend the criteria for campaign targets and budgets.

Keyword Research and Selection

All of our keywords are manually selected and are validated from multiple research sources. Once we launch campaigns, we monitor keyword performance and adjust as needed.

Campaign Set up

A great product image or descriptive headline with relevant keywords will make your ad stand out from the competition and improve your relevancy score from Amazon. This includes Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads and Sponsored Product Ads.

Product Page Optimization

Our service does not end with generating clicks. We audit the landing page for each campaign and make recommendations for improvement. This may include optimizing product detail pages, or creating a Brand Page to promote better conversion.

Campaign Monitoring and Reporting

We consistently monitor and optimize to ensure keyword performance. On-going campaign reporting allows for client input on ad program direction.