Why geekspeak

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Our content services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

We understand that online channel success requires an experienced outsource partner who can bring strong industry knowledge to the table.

geekspeak brings more than scalability to your project. We also bring speed & agility. In fact, we see these core competencies as complementary.
Our experience in one fosters expertise in the other, and vice-versa. That's why geekspeak is able to achieve such quick turnaround times regardless of your project's size or scope.

Vendor Support

geekspeak offers vendor support services to all clients. Support services can also be customized to suit your specific needs.

  • Content Creation / Translation
  • Uploading to Retailers Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Program-Specific Pricing
  • Adherence to Retailers Standards

No Long Term Contract

Our client retention policy is simple: We let our work determine who wants to work with us. No long term contracts, no extended obligations ... just performance.

Unorthodox? Perhaps. But it's also why some of our best clients have been with us the longest.

Custom Needs Analysis

Every client is unique, so we begin every client relationship with a Custom Needs Analysis. We will meet with your group to learn the goals and objectives of all your various stakeholders. This process can include stakeholder roundtables, focus groups and in-depth interviews.

The Custom Needs Analysis allows geekspeak to determine the exact scope and requirements of your project. It also ensures that we deliver the optimal set of services at the best possible price.

Small to Large Clients & Projects

geekspeak has experience with various project sizes for both large and small clients. We have worked with small vendors to put their entire product catalogue online, and we've partnered with large online retailers to help roll out their complete catalogue of thousands of products.

Whatever the size or scope of your company's project, we can craft an approach that fits your budget, timelines, and market strategy.