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What We Do

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions have a direct impact on how well items sell in your online store. Short descriptions, long descriptions, feature/benefits, specifications are all key to converting browsers into buyers. geekspeak writers are ecommerce content specialists who create product descriptions for thousands of items each year.

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Product Photography

High-quality product images can be the deciding factor in making or losing a sale in your online store. No question, you need great product images. Shoppers want to be sure of what they're buying. With a complete in-house studio, our team of commercial photographers will showcase your product entire catalogue.

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Site Taxonomy and Categorization

If your customers can't find products on your site, they can’t buy them. Your site taxonomy and related product categorization is key to ensuring a great user experience. Our categorization and attribution services ensure that products can be found on your site with the specifications your customers need.

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Amazon A+ Content

A+ content is proven to boost sales by as much as 3-10%. An A+ page presents a comprehensive, keyword-rich product description that includes high quality images to showcase key features and benefits. geekspeak offers full-service A+ content support, including module selection, product copy, photography/image processing and layout.

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Channel Experience


Retailers understand the value of properly merchandising their products. geekspeak takes your raw product data and turns it into well written, comprehensive product descriptions that answer the questions your shoppers may have – and leads them to a purchasing decision.

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We create product descriptions that will get your manufacturing clients’ product assortment online faster. We have years of experience creating content for major retailers across North America, we specialize in writing product descriptions, product photography, translation and localization.

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Manufacturers know their product better than distributors or retailers. Accurate and complete product information allows products to be onboarded for sale faster and reflects positively on your brand. Let us tell your product story with well-written product descriptions and high-quality product images.

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Whether you're selling on marketplaces like Amazon, NewEgg, Wayfair or eBay, we create product content that helps you sell. Each marketplace is a little different—we understand these subtleties and modify our approach based on the marketplace and your audience.

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Engagement—whether it's sharing via social media or influencing purchasing decisions for products or services— engagement is the key performance indicator of success for online publishers. We drive engagement by providing value with interesting, useful rich content.

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Smart Content Drives Commerce

Who We Are

geekspeak is an ecommerce services company focused on helping our clients engage their customers and sell more online. Our content converts browsing shoppers into loyal buyers. Customized smart content converts raw product data into powerful, compelling product presentations. Detailed product descriptions, all-inclusive buying guides, how-to guides, product photography, product video, 360o spin imaging, interactive product tours, search engine optimized copy and more deliver an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers.

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